Playing it daily (gotta farm dat Eris rep), have all three classes with my main at 31 and the others at 30 respectively. Nightfall and Weekly done early Tuesday and run weekly raids on Tuesday night as well. In Vault of Glass we could clear all three characters in our raid group in about 2.5 hours. Got to the Crota… » 12/17/14 10:32pm Wednesday 10:32pm

""Unless we put in place the regulation now and have enforcement procedures that are practical in operating efficiently then we are going to see an accident," he told Sky News."

Mmmm why do I have a feeling these regulations will only mostly apply to average citizens, while the police and military will get to fly… » 12/07/14 7:25pm 12/07/14 7:25pm

Personally I think the greatest achievement North Korea ever did was openly run Concentration style Death Camps and get away with it in front of an entire globe that once said "never again" to the Holocaust and vowed to remember this incident and not let one like it happen again.

To rub the whole world's face in its… » 12/07/14 4:40pm 12/07/14 4:40pm

Sorry, but as much as I love Final Fantasy VII (as my #2 all time best Final Fantasy game ever, and probably in my top 5 best RPGs ever) a remake would be a horrible thing to do and absolutely destroy any love I had for the original game.

Why? You ask? Can you name me a single re-make of a game or movie or story that… » 12/06/14 3:52pm 12/06/14 3:52pm

Regarding #3: I mean....yeah?

When you explicitly say "don't come after us" and then they come after you, you kill the hostages. That's what you do. That's why you shouldn't go after them unless you can *guarantee* their rescue. Of course the hostage was murdered by their captors. As soon as they realized a raid was… » 12/06/14 3:09pm 12/06/14 3:09pm

"Is Tinder somehow different or more reciprocal? If it isn't, shouldn't you just assume all the men are swiping right all the time?"

All men probably are, and I say this as a guy. The logic behind it is that women can generally be pretty choosy when it comes to picking a guy on the app. So if the guy is selective and… » 12/06/14 4:18am 12/06/14 4:18am

"Was that a game? I couldn't tell with half my frames missing" — Inevitable idiot.

I'm interested in it. Exclusives are never the reason I buy consoles since all the games I honestly care about are all cross platform, so exclusives are simply bonuses instead of requirements. That being said I'll probably be picking… » 12/05/14 10:57pm 12/05/14 10:57pm

Meh. Anyways, get to the single player, narrative, story-driven plot and main point of the game please! I still feel like the entire MGS saga was wrapped up nicely with 4, and continue to worry about how they're going to wedge this plot into the middle of their lore but I remain cautiously optimistic. » 12/05/14 9:38pm 12/05/14 9:38pm