Adam, you think that's good? If you wanted to pile onto the bonfire just look up what this lovely state has been doing recently in terms of the "Ag-gag bill", the refusal to even listen to the "Add The Words" campaign people, and openly stating they will be using at least 1 million dollars of tax-payer money to defend… » 4/24/14 6:44pm Yesterday 6:44pm

Why is it so hard to get the cat to stop attacking? If it's currently latched onto your leg clawing or biting then grab it by the neck (since it isn't going anywhere) and just squeeze as hard as you can. At that point it's you deciding between getting an extra 300 stitches, or the cat that's going to end up getting put … » 4/18/14 7:59pm 4/18/14 7:59pm