I like that they’re going with the fact that there’s a lot of people who hate Superman.

I’d be pretty pissed too if an alien wearing his baby blanket trashed an entire city, and then made out with his human girlfriend while standing on the ashes of thousands of dead men women and children.
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Yeah I support Liberal policies. Which means if you are Conservative Lite, like Hillary is, I’m not going to just throw away everything I believe in out of some misplaced sense of being a “hero” by voting for the lesser of two evils.

Want my support for Team Blue? Vote her out of the Primaies and elect an actually… » 4/12/15 7:14pm 4/12/15 7:14pm

It’s always nice to get confirmation that Pirates really are just plain ol’ assholes. I’m so sick and tired of hearing pathetic self-serving excuses like “well...I only pirate because the eeeevil company makes it so hard and inconvenient to get it when we want!”

Okay, so the company heard that request and created HBO… » 4/12/15 1:25pm 4/12/15 1:25pm

Thank you. I’m the only person in my group of friends who loved the...exactly as you phrased it: 1970’s sci-fi cover look. It really did look like a science fiction universe ripped straight from the covers of one of my dad’s old books, especially the suit/helmet designs in ME1. Which, naturally, got replaced with… » 4/10/15 6:27pm 4/10/15 6:27pm

And that just makes it all the more bitter that we're going to wind up choosing between a Conservative or Conservative Lite in 2016, neither of whom will institute any of these policies whatsoever, or if they do they won't have a single backbone in them.

It's such a magical time to be alive and not be rich!
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