When did the "Walmart T-shirt under a blazer " look become the "uniform" for game devs and designers. It's the dress equivalent of a mullet's motto: like saying "I'm business savy on the outside so you should take me seriously, but just underneath I'm hip and relatable, like you." » 9/20/14 3:29pm Yesterday 3:29pm

The fascinating thing about this is that the whole thing was a win-win for the Scottish people anyways. Either Yes passes and they become independent, or No passes but Britain is now faced with the reality of their poor governance and has to begin making the concessions to the Scottish people that they deserve in… » 9/19/14 8:54am Friday 8:54am

I see no way any American involvement in the middle east could ever go wrong. We have such a great track record, what with putting Saddam in power, arming and training Osama and the Mujahadeen, invading Iraq and leaving Saddam in power, Invading Iraq again and destabilizing the nation, and then giving a bunch of… » 9/10/14 8:52am 9/10/14 8:52am