People have been demanding that games be taken seriously as an artistic medium for the last decade, an the second someone take them up on that, and decides to actually critic the medium in a way one would normally be critical of any creative work, people absolutely lose their minds. They cannot handle it. On top of… » 10/24/14 7:06pm Yesterday 7:06pm

Friendly Public Service Reminder:

Things like this cannot be patched out if you are playing your game disconnected from the internet. If you want to avoid a sneaky nerf to things like this, simply never be connected to the internet when you are playing the Pre-Sequel and you can farm it to your heart's content.
» 10/17/14 12:27am 10/17/14 12:27am

The best thing about patching a console game is that they can't patch it away from you if you aren't playing the game while connected online. Turn that wireless off, and turn it back on when you want to patch.

I never played Borderlands 2 connected to the net and as such was able to farm and blow the game out of the… » 10/16/14 8:13pm 10/16/14 8:13pm

"why do feminists feel the need to constantly comment on things they aren't even a part of or don't even like?"

I don't play sports or even enjoy watching sports that often, but that does not exclude me from being able to critique the NFL's handling of their recent train wreck of scandals that's been in the news.
» 10/14/14 3:44am 10/14/14 3:44am

That's what I don't get about Catholics. I've seen SO many "Jack Catholics" that I can't help but wonder why they even bother staying in the church when they laugh and spit on everything their church leaders say and do?

"I love me some pre-marital sex, gobble birth control pills like candy, create animal balloons… » 10/14/14 12:47am 10/14/14 12:47am

Well, are we a country with freedom or are we not? If we want to live in a country where for any reason, the military or health officials can lock you in a sanitary prison for the "Crime" of being sick, then we might as well just rip up the Constitution and go full North Korea. » 10/13/14 10:04pm 10/13/14 10:04pm

Nope! the guy was an absolute unhinged psychopath. A rabid dog that needed to be put down YEARS ago. While I saved him for the pure sake of being able to have three people to play as during the post-game 'do whatever you want' part, in my head the cannon ending is to set that man on fire and never look back. » 10/13/14 9:49pm 10/13/14 9:49pm

Jesus Christ, people I have a hard time thinking of other industries that need to do this more than the Gaming industry. Mandatory 90+ hour workweeks at zero overtime pay is goddamned exploitation.

It couldn't get any worse or more obvious unless your managers started sipping mint julips in rocking chairs cracking… » 10/08/14 7:49pm 10/08/14 7:49pm

I am both curious and horrified at the idea of the Conservatives' eventual counter-strike against gay people once this marriage thing gets settled for the positive. You KNOW they won't just sit back and let this one go. They'll come at gays sideways the way they come after other settled arguments like abortions or… » 10/07/14 12:10am 10/07/14 12:10am